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Here is a stunning 120 Gallon reef tank. This dual overflow 120 gallon tank, is absolutely packed with SPS colonies. You will see outstanding polyp extension on every coral in this tank. We can’t give you a complete list of fish in this tank, but we caught a yellow tang(Zebrasoma flavescens), a blue tang (Paracanthurus […]

This beautiful 100 gallon reef tank made us drool. A 3 foot wide overflow, drains down to a sump containing a bubbleking, zeovit reactor, calcium reactor and a media reactor running KZ activated carbon. This tank uses two Red Dragon pumps as returns. Flow is provided 4 powerhead, 2 tunze nanostreams (5500 l/h), and 2 […]

Here is a fantastic HD video of Jan Korbijn’s 338 gallon in-wall reef tank. This fantastic 200cm x 80 cm x 80 cm (1280 Liter) in-wall creation is a nice departure of the SPS dominant tanks we regularly show. A nice combination of softies, mushrooms and polyps, LPS and some SPS, along with a variety […]

A few weeks ago we featured a video of David Saxby’s Reef Aquarium. We just came across a High Definition video from may of 09 showing the current state of the tank. This amazing reef tank was stripped down in August of 08 and then put back together with more emphasis on SPS and many […]

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