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HOT NEW ITEMS Here are a few links to some new products we just added to our website & super sales. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at call 317-895-9005 or use our new Live Chat feature available from 10am-6pm M-Friday. Now available for Pre-Order! AquaIlluminations Sol Nano In […]

Since we wrote the post about ReefPearls, we have been asked if we can show them being used. If you don’t remember, ReefPearls are small feeding pellets designed to imitate zooplankton, therefore feeding corals and filterfeeders. The small pellets vary in size from 5 to 200 ┬Ám (microns), which is the natural size of plankton, […]

ReefPearls are small feeding pellets intended for corals and other filterfeeders. The (zoo)plankton-mimicking feeding pellets a neutral buoyancy, high nutritional value and low levels of inorganic phosphates. The feeding pellets remain stable in the water column for somewhere between 4 and 24 hour with very low nutrient leakage. This, combined with their neutral buoyancy results […]

Reef Interestes (RI), the company who brought us NP Reducing BioPellets and ReefPearls, has something new for us. PO4X4 Phosphate Remover is said to be chemically engineered polymer that can absorb approximately 4x more phosphates than most phosphate removing products. Other differences notes by the company are that PO4X4 will not leak nearly as much […]

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