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Seachem manufacturers of Prime, Stability, Matrix, Purigen, Reef Salt, Reef Buffer, Reef Complete, and Reef Plus, has added Reef Phyto Plankton and Reef Zoo Plankton to their Reef line. Reef Zooplankton provides essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, with biological carotenoids for coral growth. Reef Zooplankton has a particle size range of 12.5-500 um, […]

BIO-ACTIF system is a new synthetic salt from Tropic Marin, designed to promote the growth of bioactive substances and improving livestock health by promoting protection for the mucous membrane of reef aquarium fish. BIO-ACTIF is also said to promote brighter colors and improved polyp extension in corals. In addition to these benefits, BIO-ACTIF is supposed […]

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