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Ever wonder just what goes into the product design and build on one of the most important components in your reef tank? Well, Jeff from Reef Dynamics takes us through the entire process of building Twin INS1000 Protein Skimmers. The INS1000 is a unique in-sump recirculating protein skimmer. It uses 4 pumps, 2 for feeding […]

Read all about it, a Reef Tools Exclusive. If you’re either using, or thinking of using, bio-pellets, Reef Dynamics has just changed the playing field. The new Reef Dynamics BPR500 Bio-Pellet reactor now takes using bio-pellets to a whole new level. Traditional bio-pellet reactors function by using a feed pump to tumble the bio-pellets, and […]

Reef Tools sponsor Reef Dynamics has released their version of the popular nitrate and phosphate reducing biopellets, NOPO. Known for their outstanding protein skimmers, Reef Dynamics is now venturing into the supplement/media market. By fueling the very bacteria that feeds on nitrate and phosphate, NOPO will provide outstanding nitrate and phosphate control. As with other […]

Earlier this week, we submitted part 1 of the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 Video, well, here is the complete version. We left part one with the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 ready to be filled. If you’ve already watched part 1, skip ahead to 3:10 in the video timeline. You will see the skimmer being filled with the […]

Here is a cool video from Reef Dynamics, displaying their new XRC2000 Protein skimmer. The reaction chamber of this huge protein skimmer is 16″ in diameter, leading to a 6.5″ neck, and a 12″ diameter cup that is also 12″ tall. Now that you’re confused with all these number, let’s move on. The cup uses […]

We wanted to share a couple of videos of the Reef Dynamics INS 100 at work. The first shows the skimmer the day after the user installed it, and the second shows it working after several months. Jeff Macare, owner of Reef Dynamics did instruct the user to lower the bubble level in the neck […]

Here is the first video we are featuring from our good friend Jeff Macare of Reef Dynamics. Jeff, previously of Euro-Reef, founded Reef Dynamics in an effort to build on some of the fundamental protein skimmer design elements he developed at Euro-Reef. In this particular video, Jeff talks about the design and materials used in […]

We have purchased and put up the VERY LASTof the Euro-Reef protein skimmers on eBay at blow out pricing. Here is the link RS80 = $150 WITH NEW PUMP RS100= $170 WITH NEW PUMP RS135= $190 WITH NEW PUMP After these are gone, that’s it, no more Euro-Reef skimmers ever. We are offering a 6 […]

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