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The Reef Octopus Q8 protein skimmer was created for aquatic wholesale operations, commercial farms, professional aquaculturist as well public aquariums. It was rightfully described as a “recirculating beast” on Coral Vue’s web site. The Q8 stands over 5 feet tall and has a 40 inch body recommended for aquariums up to 26,000 gallons. Its 6 […]

Eshopps has just released their new website. The new and much improved design is dynamic, and is more heavily focused on graphics and images. Product pages are easily reached through a new navigation system. The home page is primarily flash, so those of you on any Apple mobile device (i.e. iPhone iPad) will be unable […]

We wanted to share a couple of videos of the Reef Dynamics INS 100 at work. The first shows the skimmer the day after the user installed it, and the second shows it working after several months. Jeff Macare, owner of Reef Dynamics did instruct the user to lower the bubble level in the neck […]

Here is the first video we are featuring from our good friend Jeff Macare of Reef Dynamics. Jeff, previously of Euro-Reef, founded Reef Dynamics in an effort to build on some of the fundamental protein skimmer design elements he developed at Euro-Reef. In this particular video, Jeff talks about the design and materials used in […]

Premium Aquatics, a reef tools sponsor, has updated their website. The new Premium Aquatics website is nice and clean, is easy to navigate, and should do quite well for the gang at Premium Aquatics. Premium Aquatics specializes in “reef and saltwater marine aquariums, including lighting, halide, vho, compacts, protein skimmers, ro/di, liverock, cured and uncured, […]

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