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A few days ago, ORA released their latest soft coral, Grube’s Gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava). Pronounced “Grooba’s”, this octocoral is described as thin-branched and graceful, and having a tan to pink color. ORA original got the coral from Julian Sprung, and have chosen to cultivate it due to it’s hardiness and fast growth. Here is a […]

Here comes another cool hybrid species from ORA, the Black Ice Snowflake. What ORA did, was breed a Snowflake Ocellaris and a Black Ocellaris, crossing the strains. And although their goal was actually to achieve a completely solid black Ocellaris with white snowflake markings, we think you’re all going to be impressed with the results. […]

Remember when we asked you to vote for ORA’s newest coral? Well, ORA was picking a name for it’s new Echinopora. The choices were: Green Polyp Echinopora Hollywood Stunner Julian’s Chalice Sprung’s Stunner Well, the fast-growing Echinopora lamellosa with a purple base and green polyps is officially named Sprung’s Stunner.This was the first time ORA […]

ORA, who has recently released their Purple Undata, is ready to release their next coral. The new Echinopora looks like the Hollywood Stunner, came to ORA from Julian Sprung. Sprung was breaking down his outdoor aquarium last year, and informed ORA that the coral was originally purchased at a small coral shop in Germany. “It […]

On the heels of the ORA Yellowline Goby Availability announcement, ORA has just released their latest coral. The ORA Purple Undata has just been added to the ORA list. The brilliant purple plating montipora grows into a thick dark purple plate with a light growth edge. ORA reports that under extremely bright light, the ORA […]

ORA had a great display at the 2011 Global Pet Expo. Although this year’s format called for a mid-weeks schedule, the event ended up being a great success. ORA had their usual display tanks, packed solid with ORA fish, ORA Corals and ORA Clams. However, in addition to the famous round tank, and other two […]

We received reports from ORA, that the ORA Yellowline Goby are available again. Indigenous to Brazil, the Yellowline Goby has been unavailable since it became illegal for export. This makes the Yellowline Goby a perfect candidate for captive breeding. We’re glad to see the ORA has been working hard and now have them available. Yellowline […]

We recently shared an article about the ORA Variegated Sea Urchin. Well it seems as if the next species on their list is an alligator. This Limited Edition reptile is….ok, we’re kidding. ORA has just shared a few photos of several alligators living right around the hatcheries. I mean, I’m used to having to dodge […]

Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) offers some of the nicest corals, but have you really taken a look at their clam selection? Check out the collection of ORA clams photos in the gallery below, and we’re confident you’ll be left either speechless or drooling. If these don’t make you want to set up a shallow […]

We are psyched to announce that ORA is now breeding Variegated Sea Urchins (Lytechinus variegates) in captivity. This first ORA species to be announced in 2011 is the 85 ornamental marine species they offer. Urchins are regularly used for algae control in the ORA’s coral greenhouse, and although they have experienced mass spawning events in […]

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