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Hydroids are tiny jellyfish-like creatures that infest tanks with low flow, such as seahorse fry tanks and larval rearing vessels. The bad news is, they can sting and kill dwarf seahorses and fish fry that get too close to them. Hydroids love to eat baby brine shrimp and can be introduced to the tank on […]

I’m very happy to report that over the last three days, my Hippocampus erectus seahorse named Kohala has given birth to about 26 healthy fry! His mate and the mother of his babies is a Hippocampus angustus named Marmalade. I acquired Marmalade about a year ago as a wild-caught seahorse from West Australia. She was […]

The Gobiesox Clingfish larvae I’ve been raising started settling at 25 days and have now completed metamorphosis. They look like exact replicas of their parents now, fins and all. It’s easy to tell when Clingfish settle because they start clinging to surfaces rather than free swimming (I’m now almost certain of their species, since it […]

The Gobiesox Clingfish larvae I’ve been raising are 24 days old today. I only have 13 left, and some of those are very stunted. There are about five really healthy, large ones that are doing great. They have been eating enriched 2 day old brine shrimp since they were 7 days old, but I am […]

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