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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian researchers are developing a plan to create a frozen “coral bank” to protect corals from extinction. The plan calls for sections of the Great Barrier Reef to be re-populated from “embryos” which will be kept at the Taronga Zoo. These efforts are important as the Great Barrier Reef […]

John Holland, a construction company, is currently facing 38 charges after it allegedly released contaminated substances while doing some sandblasting near Bowen and Mackay in north Queensland. A John Holland spokesman says that the company is planning on defending the charges brought forward by the Queensland Government later this year. Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett […]

The Shen Neng 1, a Chinese coal and oil ship, ran aground late last Saturday right off Queensland’s coast. The 230 meter freighter was carrying about 65,000 tons of coal and 950 tons of oil. The incident punctured at least one of the fuel tanks, and an effort to transfer the oil to other tanks […]

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