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A few months ago, we shot a video of a freshwater setup using the EcoPico Desktop Aquarium by Ecoxotic. Last week, we had a chance to shoot a beautiful EcoPico Ricordea Garden. Don’t forget to watch it in HD. For aquascaping, this EcoPico setup, uses one coralline covered rock, which is slowly being taken over […]

Ecoxotic releases their new 18” Panorama Pro LED with the nano in mind. These little guys utilize three 19-watt Panorama Pro modules. Ecoxotic has maintained their sleek look and the ever convenient patented hinge mounting system. One of the best features of this fixture is the ability to customize it to your preference and the […]

The new Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED fixture is 24″ of sleek LED delight. This beautiful new, low-profile, modular LED fixture will not only look great over your tank, but also packs quite a punch. Each unit is powered by 5 Panorama Pro modules for a total of 95W of light, adjustable to almost any color […]

We recently got two EcoPicos from Ecoxotic, the basic version (EcoPico Desktop Aquarium) and the reef version (EcoPico Desktop Reef). In part one, we will focus on a VERY basic initial freshwater setup of the EcoPIco Desktop Aquarium. We will document the transformation of this tank as it matures. In later parts, we will get […]

Ecoxotic just keeps it coming. A few days ago, the company dedicated to “endangering the status quo” came out with 5 outstanding new color spectrums of Stunner LED strips. The extremely versatile line of Stunner LED strips is now available in: 452nm Actinic Blue 8000K White/453nm Blue 8000K White 403nm UV Magenta 12000K White/Magenta 445nm Royal […]

We wanted to share TheBlackReef’s video of a 90 Gallon reef tank which has been running two Ecoxotic Panorama LEDs for over a year. TheBlackReef is reporting that the corals are doing great, and that the color from the unit is incredible. In addition to the impressive color and intensity, TheBlackReef is now using a […]

The EcoPico has been in the news lately, due to the release of the EcoPico Reef Aquarium which provides a more intense lighting option, for hobbyists who want to house more light-demanding corals. Well, due to the popularity of small rimless aquariums, Ecoxotic is now offering the EcoPico LED Arm Light for purchase. The black […]

Yesterday, we reported the release of the Ecoxotic EcoPico Reef. Ecoxotic’s newest LED aquarium, sports 3X the light intensity of it’s brother, the EcoPico. maintaining the same beautiful, simple design. This tank is going to be a great choice for any hobbyist that is looking to set up a small piece of the ocean on […]

Many hobbyists have already enjoyed the EcoPico Desktop Aquarium for their nano tank setups. Designed primarily for freshwater setups, the original EcoPico did not offer enough light for some of the more demanding corals. The solution was to add EcoPico strips, to the LED arm. Ecoxotic, known for “Endangering the Status Quo,” quickly responded to […]

As we get closer and closer to the MACNA 2011, we wanted to start looking back at last year’s event. Held in Orlando, the event featured some of the most prominent speakers in the industry. They covered topics such as holistic Reef Keeping, rotifers, coral propagation, green reef keeping, reef tank photography, redundancy, and much […]

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