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NextReef is blasting into 2011 by working on prototypes for a new line of NextReef Protein Skimmers! The new line will feature 6″ and 8″ internal/external recirculating protein skimmers, sporting the slick blue “look” unique to NextReef. Here are some photos of the prototype being used at several stores around the country. These are courtesy […]

Here is the first video we are featuring from our good friend Jeff Macare of Reef Dynamics. Jeff, previously of Euro-Reef, founded Reef Dynamics in an effort to build on some of the fundamental protein skimmer design elements he developed at Euro-Reef. In this particular video, Jeff talks about the design and materials used in […]

We revealed the release of the New SKIMZ Monzter E Series protein skimmers back in may, where now we bring you some visuals. The SKIMZ Monzter E Series is the result of the integration of cylindrical and cone shaped skimmer chambers. This new design, SKIMZ believes, successfully minimized pre-mature bubble bursting and surface agitation. This […]

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