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After 6 months of research and design CAD Light has pulled the trigger on their newest bio reactor. Features: True All-In-One design, where the pump is already built inside of the Bio reactor in the bottom chamber. this feature saves ALOT more space and ease of use the moment you get it. the intake is […]

Reef Tools sponsor Reef Dynamics has released their version of the popular nitrate and phosphate reducing biopellets, NOPO. Known for their outstanding protein skimmers, Reef Dynamics is now venturing into the supplement/media market. By fueling the very bacteria that feeds on nitrate and phosphate, NOPO will provide outstanding nitrate and phosphate control. As with other […]

The SMR1 Media Reactor is the result of a collaborative effort by NextReef and the US Distributor of NP BioPellets. These combined effort yielded the first media/substrate reactor specifically designed for long term use of larger media. The SMR1 is the next evolution of the MR1 Media/Substrate reactor, and is available in a 16″ (14″ […]

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