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Marine Depot just released an instructional video showing the proper procedure for the use of the Majano Wand. In principle it’s divine, but is it really? In the video it seems very effective on majano anemones, but how is it on aiptasia? In the video the instructor rolls the end of the wand back and […]

Any aquarist with live rock in their tank has had at least one aiptasia. Normally if you have one you will soon seen many. There are lots of products on the market as well as several home remedies to help combat aiptasia. Some require injecting a syringe into the aiptasia and pumping it full of […]

Hydroids are tiny jellyfish-like creatures that infest tanks with low flow, such as seahorse fry tanks and larval rearing vessels. The bad news is, they can sting and kill dwarf seahorses and fish fry that get too close to them. Hydroids love to eat baby brine shrimp and can be introduced to the tank on […]

We have written a pretty extensive article regarding Aiptasia Removal Methods. Well, it seems as if the war on these pests has taken a turn towards electronic warefare. Introducing the SWC Mojano Aiptasia Electrocuter, $79.95, the next evolution in pest control. Apparently, you simply plug in the Electrocuter, remove the silicon protection cover, place the […]

If life deals you lemons, why not kill some aiptasia with them. About a month ago, we added an article about Aiptasia Removal Methods. Well, hopefully, you don’t have any left, but just in case, here’s great way to rid yourself of this nuisance anemone. Basically, what’s involved is injecting each aiptasia with lemon juice. […]

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