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Tidal Gardens

Tidal Gardens Incorporated is a dedicated coral farming facility serving saltwater aquarium keepers everywhere. Through propagation, we supply high quality aquacultured hard corals, soft corals, mushrooms polyps, zoanthids, and gorgonians to reef aquarists with little to no impact on the natural reefs.

Reef aquarium keeping is a growing passion for many people. A reef tank allows us to view, in our own homes, a myriad of beautiful life forms that others can only dream of. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a diverse array of shapes and colors as you will on a coral reef. For many, a reef aquarium provides a window to an underwater world they may never see in person.

The goal of Tidal Gardens is to offer the highest quality corals to those seeking a piece of that world without destroying it. We hope to instill a deep appreciation for the natural reefs and help develop a self sustaining hobby that no longer requires the collection of fish and corals.

Through aquaculture we believe this is possible.

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