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Ricordia Mushroom Polyps are beautiful corallimorphs which are covered with short tentacles colored in shades of green. They are very easy to keep and will grow, split, and spread throughout the aquarium.

Ricordea is a type of mushroom coral of moderate size. It can be identified by the fact that it has contrasting raised dots across its surface.

It appears that in general Ricordeas prefer higher lighting. In its natural setting it grows in areas of light, blanketing the rock.

It is not necessary to target feed the ricordea, it takes nutrition from the light and from marine snow and other nutrients found in the water.

The Ricordea will tolerate many water conditions but appears to do better in water that is low in nitrates and phosphates.

The current regulations forbid the collection of Ricordea that are attached to liverock from the Caribbean. Unattached Ricordea however are fair game. Ricordea are not true corals and are related to Anenomes.

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