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Krzysztof Tyrc’s Amazing Reef Tank Video

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 9:52 am by

This beautiful 750 litter (198 gallon) reef tank is the pride of Poland resident Krzysztof Tryc (lunar). Here is some information about the system:

(approximately) 750 liters (198 US gallons); 160 x 80 x 55

286 liters (~75,6 gallons); 110 x 50 x 52

System filtration:
Reactor with NP reducing BioPellets and Korallenzucht Revolution M

Teco 15

pH and temperature

Calcium/Alkalinity addition
Two-part calcium and alkalinity addition system; liquid additives via Grotech Tec III

Auto top-off:
Aqua Medic Niveaumat

ATI powermodule consisting of ten 80-watt T5’s with the following photoperiod:
2 bulbs – 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
8 bulbs – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105, two Iwaki MD 55, Red Dragon 8000 l/h as a main pump

This system was previously run as a Zeovit tank, but now uses NP reducing biopellets to keep NO3 and NO4 in check. 10% water changes are performed weekly, using Instant Ocean salt. The system is fed a variety of frozen foods, Cyclop-Eeze, spirulina, nori and ReefPearls.

System Parameters:
Specific gravity: 35 ppt
pH: 7.7 – 8.1
Calcium: 430 ppm
Alkalinity: 8 dKH
Magnesium: 1380 ppm
Temperature: 25 – 26 ° C (26 – 28 ° C in the summer)
Nitrate: undetectable
Phosphate: 0.01 ppm

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9 Responses to “Krzysztof Tyrc’s Amazing Reef Tank Video”

  1. Roy Ward says:

    that is one of the nicest tanks i have ever seen. it makes me want to invest in a better t5 fixture rather than leds.

  2. Reef Tools says:

    I keep going back and forth as well.

  3. Roy Ward says:

    the thought that keeps going through my head that stops me for sure is how much less they will cost 2 years from now

  4. Reef Tools says:

    that’s very true. However, in that case, none of us should buy a computer/tv/cell phone/etc 🙂

  5. Roy Ward says:

    yeah, but enough people will that i can hold off…. let others be the brave technological pioneers

  6. Reef Tools says:

    to me it’s a subjective questions of “what’s good enough for now”. Unless a product is completely cost prohibitive

  7. Roy Ward says:

    don’t get me wrong if my lights now became non operational i would pro replace with leds

  8. Reef Tools says:

    that makes sense. There’s no need right now, so no reason to do it.

  9. Steve says:

    Just for your information a website is using this picture without your permission….

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