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X-Rays used to Showcase Evolution and Diversity

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 2:22 pm by

CREDIT: Sandra J. Raredon / Smithsonian Institution

A temporary exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History uses x-rays of fish from sharks to gar to study diversity in skeletal systems. The x-rays show that some fish have skeletons built from cartilage while others have skeletons built from bone. The exhibit is called “X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out”. The exhibit will be on display through August 5, 2012.

All the x-rays on exhibit are viable on flickr. You can read more on the exhibit here.

Tour Itinerary:
07/02/11- 01/08/12 Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, CT
02/04/12- 08/05/12 National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
08/25/12- 11/18/12 Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN
12/08/12- 06/16/13 Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
07/06/13- 09/29/13 Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, IN
10/19/13- 01/12/14 Spartanburg County Library, Spartanburg, SC
02/01/14- 04/27/14 Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center,
Virginia Beach, VA
05/17/14- 08/10/14 Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona, MN
08/30/14- 11/23/14 California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA
12/13/14- 03/08/15 Discovery Place, Texarkna, TX

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