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Posted on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 at 1:54 pm by

In the spirit of the recent shark attacks, I have become a bit preoccupied with our ocean’s most impressive hunters. While scanning the web I stumbled upon a pretty sweet shark news resource called the Shark Research Committee.

The Shark Research Committee is a pro-shark group that focuses on educating the public and keeping the sharks safe from us. For any of us ocean bound reefers, this is a great resource to keep up on the most recent bitings and sightings.

My personal favorite tales are the ones that the spotter mentions seeing Great White Sharks hunting Sea Lions weeks before, and then they went back surfing at the same location and are surprised when they see the shark swimming aggressively towards them. Gotta love the Fear-Factor lifestyle.

If you get a kick out of reading about other people’s brushes with death, definitely check out the Shark Research Committee site.

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