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Photo Credit: BentProp Project

Students from Stockbridge High school have designed an underwater robot that will be put to the ultimate test on its maiden voyage. The robot is a high school project with a mission to locate a B-24 bomber that was believed to be shot down around the Micronesian island chain of Palau in World War II, almost 68 years ago.

The students are assisting the BentProp Project in the search for the missing bomber. The BentProp Project is an all volunteer organization that locates downed aircrafts in the attempt to find the remains of servicemen still listed as missing in action. Is there a more noble purpose for the maiden voyage of their school made robot?

The robot is designed to withstand depths of up to 500 feet, although the plane is believed to be in waters closer to 125 feet. It consist of a GPS system, three video camera, commercial grade thrusters and a sonar donated by SeaView Systems Inc.

The trip to Palau is quite an endeavor for the high school students. Through fund raisers sponsored by the Stockbridge’s Lions Club and the local American Legion as well as corporate sponsors the students raised $40,000 to make the journey. It is important to mention Jackson’s Dawn Foods, the John George Fund, the Hurst Foundation and the Weatherwax Foundation were among the donars that helped make this trip a reality for the students ranging in ages of 15 to 18.

You can follow the project on the student made facebook page as well as the BentProp website. Make sure to click the Like button on their facebook page. Lets show support for a small group of American students that are working hard on their future coupled with the hopes of bringing closure to families of the crew of the B-24 Bomber.

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