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Reefs Magazine Winter 2010 Edition

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 6:58 pm by

The latest version of Reefs Magazine is out. Several exciting articles are included in this edition. Sanjai Joshi outlines the secrets behind photographing fluorescence in aquarium corals. Jake Adams write about catching the act of pelagic spawning in reef fish. Keith Berkelhamer gives us his recipe for success with SPS. Matt Wandell provides a deep look into the Tuka anthias and their dietary requirements. Simon Garratt writes about a corals reefs in the Indian Ocean thriving in spite of adverse conditions caused by commercial over fishing, pollution, global warming, etc. Dominick Cirigliano continues his discussion about raising seahorses with “part two”. Finally, James Passantino, writes about the subtleties of keeping keeping both a reef tank and a significant other. Make sure to check out reefs magazine’s winter 2010 edition, it’s a great read.

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