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Premium Aquatics New Items 6-3-2011

Posted on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 at 1:45 pm by


Here are a few links to some new products we just added to our website & super sales. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at call
317-895-9005 or use our new Live Chat feature available from 10am-6pm M-Friday.

AquaIllumination Nano SOL Now available
for Pre-Order! AquaIlluminations Sol Nano
Red Sea Iodine Pro (I2) High accuracy analytical test kit In Stock Now! Red Sea PRO Test kits!
PO4x4 Phosphate Remover 500 ml Now available for purchase! PO4x4 Phosphate remover

250ml – $
500ml – $39.99

Octopus Ozone Reactor 6 Coralvue Ozone Reactor available immediately! 

OR150 – $294.99

Octopus Electronic Surge Protector/Timer Octopus Surge Protectand Time in stock now with many setting options! Pacific Coast CL-650 1/4 HP Inline Chiller Back in stock! Pacific Coast chillers!  

1/10HP – $409.99
1/4HP – $549.95

Deep Blue Silicone Air Tubing 12 FT Deep Blue air and silicone tubing now available in 12′, 25′, and 500′ lengths! Ecotech Coral Glue 295ml Don’t forget your Ecotech Coral Glue to glue everything from frags to rock-work!
Octopus 14 Octopus Hang On Regfugiums coming Soon! PreOrder yours today! BioSphere Pellets have just arrived! Available in 500ml and 1000ml
Octopus Ground Probe Don’t forget to get your Grounding Probe to prevent stray voltage! 

Only $10.99

Reef Pearls 2.82 oz Reef Pearls are in stock! Pick up this great food for corals and filterfeeds today! 

Only $19.99

Be sure to check out our CLEARANCE section this week. It’s packed full of brand new closeouts, damage items, returns, etc.


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