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NOPO Biopellets from Reef Dynamics

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at 10:28 am by
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Reef Tools sponsor Reef Dynamics has released their version of the popular nitrate and phosphate reducing biopellets, NOPO. Known for their outstanding protein skimmers, Reef Dynamics is now venturing into the supplement/media market. By fueling the very bacteria that feeds on nitrate and phosphate, NOPO will provide outstanding nitrate and phosphate control. As with other biopellet products on the market, NOPO should be replenished every 3-6 months.

Reef Dynamics recommends starting dosage of 250ml of NOPO per 50 gallons of system volume in a reactor. Naturally, aquarium conditions and feeding habits will influence the ideal dosage for each system. Dosage can easily be adjusted with regular nitrate and phosphate tests. In order to reoxygenate the water leaving the reactor, it is recommended that you place the outlet need the protein skimmer inlet.

In situations where heavy feeding is required, Reef Dynamics recommends combining NOPO with standard phosphate absorbents. This is due to the (sometimes) high level of phosphates in various reef foods. We will also like to remind users that maintaining appropriate flow through the biopellet reactor is a MUST!! This will prevent hydrogen sulfide from being produced

NOPO is available in the following size/prices:
250ml (200gr) – $29.95
500ml (200gr) – $49.95
1000ml (200gr) – $79.95
10 Kilo (10000gr) – $820.00

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3 Responses to “NOPO Biopellets from Reef Dynamics”

  1. Mark Vera says:

    These things are everywhere mo. I hope people realize these are pro level product. So many stories of disaster around them.

  2. Reef Tools says:

    agreed. hobbyists should do a lot of reading and learning before blindly using BP in general.

  3. Mark Vera says:

    Just to clarify… they are not deadly to a tank per se, but major clouding can occur and much like any major bio change once online these cannot simply be stopped cold turkey. I think the biggest worry is all the past clients that called me complaining about the Hydrogen sulfide smell and asking to hire me to fix it. At high concentrations this gas can come out of solution and be deadly. ANY reactor stopped for any period of time should be removed and taken to fresh air.

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