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Marlins Park Aquarium goes live adding fish to the tank

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at 10:01 am by
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The Miami Marlins new park has an interesting addition not seen in any baseball parks to date. A large aquarium sits between home plate and fans. I can see the gears turning, you read it right. A saltwater aquarium with coral decorations and live fish is in place behind home plate. Not much information has been made available about the aquarium as far as dimensions or how many gallons of water it holds. What we do know is it is constructed of fiberglass with additional clear acrylic panels that are one inch thick and is said to be unbreakable (or so they hope). First baseman Gaby Sanchez wanted to put the tank to a test. He slung a baseball as hard as he could and the tank still stands. Let’s see how the tank holds up from a stray pitch from Marlins’ star pitcher Josh Johnson.

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