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Infra Red Fish Nets by Penn Plax

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 9:55 am by
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Could it be this easy? I can’t say for sure, yet. Penn Plax has taken what the recreational fisherman has known for a long time and applied it to the fish hobby. Infra Red colored fish nets. It’s been a long standing claim that fish can not see the red spectrum, making fishing line virtually invisible to the fish. Will an infra red colored fish net make the net invisible? Time will tell. I will be ordering one soon. Penn Plax has released the net in a variety of sizes and handle lengths. From what I’ve seen the handles are black, could this be the weak link?

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One Response to “Infra Red Fish Nets by Penn Plax”

  1. Bluwtr says:

    I have to say that this is just another gimmick to “catch customers”, but not fish. Many fish exhibit red colorations as well as variations of red. This can be for mate attraction or as a warning. “Infrared” is, as we should all know, an actual wavelength frequency that is invisible to the naked eye. We couldn’t see the net as well. Just because it is red doesn’t make if “infra”red. Red fishing line has never proven to be more effective than clear mono. Fluorocarbon, however does disappear in water because of it’s refractive index.

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