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Government Invades Aquarist Home Looking for a Marijuana Grow House

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at 2:52 pm by

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

This story is becoming more and more common. A private home gets red flagged based on high energy usage and the cops send in the swat team. Mike Baynes of Surrey, British Columbia has an average power bill of about $450, mostly due to his hobby of breeding tropical fish. Luckily for Mike, it wasn’t the SWAT team busting down the door, it was an electrical and fire inspector escorted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As with most of these stories no grow house was found. It appears the government was unhappy with their misguided search so they are making Mike pay for the unsolicited electrical inspection and perform upgrades to his aquariums to the tune of $800.

More on the story can be found at The Huffington Post.

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