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EcoSmart Driver for Vortech Pumps by EcoTech Marine

Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 12:51 pm by
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The EcoSmart Driver for VorTech Pumps is the latest release from EcoTech Marine. Adding to their groundbreaking VorTechs, EcoTech Marine set out to make setting up and controlling multiple pumps a breeze. The result was the EcoSmart Driver, which allows for new modes and a wider wireless range.

“EcoSmart is the culmination of 18 months of development and our efforts at complimenting the best pump technology on the market with the most versatile, controllable and customizable driver ever manufactured,” said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. “The current VorTech wave driver is ground-breaking in its ability to deliver high performance and extensive functionality right out of the box. EcoSmart takes things to new heights.”

It is now easier than ever to position, set up, and automate the process of creating ideal flow in any reef tank. Just select a mode, and the EcoSmart will do the rest, basically a “set it and forget it”.

Adding to the “wow factor”, is the sleek LED interface of the EcoSmart, as well as the dial controlled speed adjustments, which offer a must more precise fin-tuning process, and allow the hobbyist the utmost control over their VorTechs.

Major features the EcoSmart Driver:

  • Convert any MP10 and MP40 to an EcoSmart driver, and to wireless
  • Increased master-slave pump relationship functionality
  • Easily auto-tune and program customized waves
  • New modes including tidal swell and nutrient transport for an even more realistic reef experience
  • Time and speed adjustable for feed and night modes
  • Sleek LED interface with on/off switch
  • Auto-dim automatically turns the LED’s off after a user-set amount

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One Response to “EcoSmart Driver for Vortech Pumps by EcoTech Marine”

  1. Aqua Blue says:

    These things are excellent you can sync sides and back now.
    Auto wave function.
    And the MP10 is now a W

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