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Coral Reef Cryogenic Plan in Australia

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 1:31 pm by

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian researchers are developing a plan to create a frozen “coral bank” to protect corals from extinction. The plan calls for sections of the Great Barrier Reef to be re-populated from “embryos” which will be kept at the Taronga Zoo. These efforts are important as the Great Barrier Reef is constantly damaged by pollution, global warming, low oxygen levels, etc.

”This is really an insurance program to take the coral out of an uncertain situation and put it in a place that is 100 per cent safe for a very long time,” said the zoo’s manager of research and conservation, Rebecca Spindler. She goes on to note that organic matter can not break down when kept at minus 296F, and therefore can be stored forever. Sperm and eggs from various animals are already being kept at the Taronga Zoo’s liquid nitrogen tanks.

This plan for coral protection will include researchers at Monash University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, a world-leader in coral studies.

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