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Controllable Flow DC Pumps by Waveline

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 9:24 am by
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H20 Systems Inc. unveiled the Waveline DC-5000 at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. DC pumps have several advantages, like lower power consumption, they can run substantially cooler and since the pump is a DC pump it can run off of a battery source or a solar panel. Power goes out, no problem. The CD-5000 is reported to consume 40W at the maximum speed pushing 1,320 gph.

The DC-5000 has 6 adjustable flow rates and is packaged with a controller. The flow from traditional pumps was only controllable by restricting the flow by way of a valve. The new DC-5000 reduces the RPMs through the controller which also reduces the power consumption of the pump.

This new line of pumps opens up several new possibilities. Add the DC-5000 to a closed loop system using the controller to vary the flow from the pump could possibly replace the need for wavemakers and powerheads.

Advanced Aquarist revealed the DC-10000, which will push 2,640 gph. Here are the stats Advanced Aquarist released:

  • The product line is currently comprised of two models: The DC-5000 and the DC-10000. The DC-5000 is in production and the DC-10000 should be in production by the end of April 2012. A smaller DC-2500 model is also planned for the future.
  • Waveline pumps can be operated in-line or fully submersed.
  • As their model numbers imply, the pumps are direct-current (DC). DC pumps are considerably more efficient than common AC pumps and allow variable speed control by ramping up/down the motor’s RPM. Greater efficiency also results in less heat transference to your water.
  • The pumps will come complete with a standard controller (pictured below) that allows users to select between six preset speeds as well as engage a 10 minute feed mode with a push of a button.
  • H2O systems is working on an optional, advanced control module that will feature a photo cell (for day/night sensing), dynamic variable speed control, pulse mode ability, and interoperability with popular aquarium controllers like the APEX.
  • The DC-5000 outputs 1320gph (5000lph). The DC-10000 outputs 2640gph (10,000lph).
  • The DC-5000 consumes 40 watts. The DC-10000 consumes 85 watts.
  • The DC-5000’s MRSP is $239.99 USD. The DC-10000’s MSRP is $349.99 USD.
  • Waveline is now available in Canada and should appear in the USA very shortly.

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2 Responses to “Controllable Flow DC Pumps by Waveline”

  1. steve says:

    That is nice I might have to pull out a small loan for one , but its what I have been looking for since I started this hobby years ago

    • dave says:

      lol steve you need to take out a second on your house. some of these vendors should be regulated. its real hard for the average joe that maybe disabled (like myself)to get any updated equipment! the only company thats decent is ecotech. they helped me a little to obtain one of thier products. but some of these prices go way beyond FAIR!!

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