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Builder is accused of polluting Great Barrier Reef

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 8:14 pm by

John Holland, a construction company, is currently facing 38 charges after it allegedly released contaminated substances while doing some sandblasting near Bowen and Mackay in north Queensland. A John Holland spokesman says that the company is planning on defending the charges brought forward by the Queensland Government later this year.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett said that he was satisfied with the Government’s response, and that he plans on taking note, and addressing, any activity that may affect these significant waters. Garrent went on to say “We’ll continue to make sure that the highest environmental standards are applied to any … activity that takes place which can have any sort of impact on the Great Barrier Reef”.

Mackay Conservation Group group coordinator Patricia Julien added that “Our understanding is that garnet is used, it’s quite effective in removing paint from the terminals, they call it sandblasting, and the concerns were as I understand it that there were contaminants in the paint. Things like barium, chromium, zinc, cadmium and nano materials.”

At this point, the Department of Environment and Resources has not confirmed whether the contaminated material was paint.

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8 Responses to “Builder is accused of polluting Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Clams On Demand says:

    This guy has 38 charges against him and I bet BP wont get one against them for polluting the whole gulf of mexico.

  2. Chris Parinello says:

    That wasnt really BPs fault. it was a freak accident for a product Im sure you love using, this guy was knowingly mess stuff up.

  3. Clams On Demand says:

    Yeah, well anyone who does anything that may enguage in an activity that has a possibly extreme negative effect on the ocean is just acting in stupidity. They should have not cheaped out, and them and the contractors in charge of the rig should all just stop blaming eachother. They need to man up. Im sure they didnt mean to do it, but time to take responsibility for creating proubly the most devistating manmade disaster the ocean has proubly ever seen. And this guy should man up too. People are just to absent minded when it comes to the stuff they do. They need to think first.

  4. Clams On Demand says:

    lol, and I dont like having to use gas. Pain in my pocketbook.

  5. Chris Parinello says:

    I dont like having to use it but until i can get a hybrid im stuck for the moment. And yes this construction company should man up/

  6. Clams On Demand says:

    lol,I wish I could get hybrid but im stuck with a gas guzzler due to me towing needs

  7. Chris Parinello says:

    same here

  8. Clams On Demand says:

    I feel guilty sometimes, hope im not screwing up the world for my children.

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