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Bladefin Basslet Sold for $9,999 USD!

Posted on Saturday, May 28th, 2011 at 4:43 pm by
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Recently, two extremely rare fishes were made available for sale at Phoenix,  Arizona local fish store AquaTouch. The two rare fish, a Liopropoma aberrans and a Liopropoma aberrans and Jeboehlkia gladifer are both deep water fish. Found in the Caribbean, these fish swim at a depth of over 500 feet.

Well, how pricey can a fish get? Well, the 1.5″ Bladefin Basslet, Jeboehlkia gladifer, was just sold by AquaTouch for $9,999. Just be happy you can’t buy this fish by the foot!

That is going to be a beautiful addition to the buyers tank…which it should be….since it costs more than most hobbyists’ systems. But hey, we’re not judging, if you got it, spend it, because you’re not taking it with you.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


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26 Responses to “Bladefin Basslet Sold for $9,999 USD!”

  1. Austin Pekarek says:

    Interesting I must admit..

  2. Jon A Stead says:

    he should have got a mollie or a platy for 2.50 they look the same

  3. Joseph O'Donnell Jr says:

    im the buyer i put it in my 38 gallon mini reef

  4. Nicole Gauthier Emery says:

    Someone paid that at AquaTouch?!?!? Someone has entirely too much money.

  5. Ralph Scheriff says:

    to each his own…I wouldn’t put that fish in my tank if it was $25.00…just not that pretty…nor entertaining…

  6. Joseph O'Donnell Jr says:

    im kidding i didnt buy nor would i if its that rare it should be left in ocean

  7. Gail Lynn Hengen says:

    i think its beautiful but if its rare and endangered i dont wish to cause its extinction. i’d rather have one from a ready- hardy and LEgal stock

  8. Reef Tools says:

    we are wondering about adaptation to a shallow aquarium with bright lights

  9. Gail Lynn Hengen says:

    good point

  10. Jon A Stead says:

    i think halide lighting could give fish “skin” cancer if u run one without the protective glass you can literally melt your fish

  11. Craig Martell says:

    The pressure differences have to be extraordinary… How can the fish even live at shallow depths ?

  12. Jon A Stead says:

    fish can move up and down the water column no problem and they do so daily with the tide, they just stay where they like, where their food sources are but if u provide them with a proper diet they do fine

  13. Craig Martell says:

    I thought the pressure affected their swim bladder..(not sure if that’s exactly what its called) in some way ….

  14. Craig Martell says:

    I thought the pressure affected their swim bladder..(not sure if that’s exactly what its called) in some way ….

  15. Od Banks says:

    man that is way to much cash for a fish thats probly going to end up dying

  16. Jon A Stead says:

    the pressure affects the entire fish if it isn’ brought to the surface very slowly

  17. Andrew Soh says:


  18. Tracey Rigle says:

    Happy birthday!! REEF TOOLS!!!

  19. Felicia says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous fish! Just because a fish is rare in this hobby doesn’t mean it’s endangered. Actually, it can be quite the opposite, as in Banggai cardinalfish, an endangered fish that is so easy to catch it is in just about every LFS in the U.S. This basslet is rare in the hobby because it lives somewhere so remote, people risk their lives to collect it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is rare in the wild. For me, the whole point of having a reef tank is to bring a piece of the ocean into my home to study and enjoy. If I had 9,999 I would buy it. Imagine that this fish has been seen by only a few people on the whole planet. Everything about it is a mystery, and that mystery, rarity, and difficulty of capture is what gives this fish value.

  20. Teressa Fowler Keever says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  21. Chuck Goodman says:

    Happy Birthday

  22. Ryan B. Okerström says:

    Happy Birthday from your friends at RK Thoroughbreds LLC!

  23. Daniel Garcia-Junco says:

    Happy Birthday from Biomaa Pet Products, Mexico. Have a nice day.

  24. Lee Van Hoose says:

    happy birthday!

  25. Boost Led says:


  26. Reef Tools says:

    Thanks everyone!

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