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We take pride in every piece of equipment built. No matter how small or how large, every item is built with the same exacting standards. We use only high grade materials, fittings, and accessories with all of our products. All of the machining is performed in house to ensure proper fit before assembly. Every edge is beveled, every joint bonded into a socket, every cut hand polished.
These are the properties of a quality product, and this is what separates the Geo's Reef product line from other manufacturers.

Geo’s Reef Calcium Reactor 618

Calcium Reactor 618 All cell cast acrylic construction Clear lid to view proper O-ring seal Key hole slot for lid removal Full access to the reaction chamber (union tops do not provide this, Micro ball valve effluent control Eheim 1048 pump, bolted to base plate pH probe port in lid pH probe adapter included Auto […]

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