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Aqua FX has been supplying the Reef Aquarium Industry, Hospitals, Laboratories,  Hatcheries, and the Indoor Gardening industries for a decade.   The Barracuda RO/DI produces 18 Meg water. We take great pride in EVERY order.  Solid aluminum Brackets, Quick connect fittings, Pressure gauges, TDS meters (optional) are a few of the features that make us stand out.  Custom features are not an issue, as each unit is built to order.

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Octopus RO/DI Unit by Aqua FX Sets a New Standard

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 8:59 am

We had a chance to look at the Octopus, AquaFX first release in a line of Green and Efficient RO/DI units. As with all AquaFX units, this line is made, tested and supported in the US.

Out of the box, the AquaFX Octopus is truly impressive. The sheer number of gadgets and gizmos that come with this unit are sure to make any hobbyists smirk. First and foremost, the Octopus boasts a microprocessor-controlled 1:1 waste water ratio. Long gone are the days of wasting 3, 4 or even 5 gallons of water for every precious clean gallon. Although some hobbyists have found uses for this waste water, the truth is that most of use simply dump it. Next, the Octopus sports a high pressure, bracket-mounted booster pump, which is located POST pre-filtration. This design will extend the life of the pump, since the water flowing through it is already free of most large particles. The Octopus also features extended DI life via an automatic Membrane Flush upon start-up. This TDS Creep flushing, is designed to prolong the life of the DI resin. A complete membrane flush upon shutdown, will help prevent membrane scaling.

Another great feature of this new RO/DI unit by  AquaFX is the build in TDS  meter. You no longer need to use a hand-held model to measure TDS levels of the output. Finally, the Octopus has both High and Low pressure kill switches, which protect the pump and facilitate complete system automation.

Basically, the Octopus is jam packed with just about anything a hobbyist could possibly want from an RO/DI unit.

The Octopus is set up for the greatest filter life, with the least amount of waste! With a price tag of just $389.00, you can start going Green right now!

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