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Flow, is a main focus of every reef aquarium. Proper water movement is vital for supplementing filtration, food, and promoting gas exchange within reef tanks. Although different corals may have specific flow requirement, random, variable flow, which eliminates “dead spots” (areas with no flow, where detritus accumulates) should be the goal of every hobbyist. Wavemakers offer such a luxury in several ways. There are several methods by which wavemaker models attempt to accomplish this ocean-like condition. Some wavemakers increase and decrease flow intensity randomly, and some alternate on/off states. Another class of aquarium wavemakers oscillates within a desired range and redirect flow from a closed loop system or a return pump. Yet another wavemaker style, is offered by a submerged box, which pulls water into a chamber, and then releases it at once creating a wave.

Circulation Pumps released by Aqueon

Posted on Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Aqueon has released a line of powerheads called simply Aqueon Circulation Pumps. These pumps attempt to “natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water.” Well, isn’t this what all powerheads do? Well, this new line of pumps from Aqueon incorporates an easy-lock suction cup, which makes installation, adjustment and removal a breeze. Cord-holding clips are available on both sides, which allows for more flexibility with placement. An energy-efficient motor and impeller are said to increase water movement with less power.

Our first question regards the suction cup. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing magnets, and have grown to trust them as the best mounting options. Only time will tell whether these will hold up to the test of time. The Aqueon Circulation Pumps offer a great value and will certainly hopefully become another great choice for reef hobbyists.

EcoTech Marine: Size Does Matter MP10 Comparison

Posted on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 at 10:59 pm

With the VorTech MP10, EcoTech Marine has raised the bar once again. Employing EcoTech Marine’s patented VorTech technology, the MP10 produces up to 1,575 gallons per hour of broad yet gentle flow. Similarly to the popular MP40W and MP20, this model places the motor outside of the tank, eliminating heat transfer, any possibility of stray current, and reducing in-tank footprint.

EcoTech Marine now provides a visual representation of the in-tank footprint difference using scaled photographs.


Polario Turbine by Taam

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at 8:50 pm


• Energy Efficient, High Flow Low Voltage Water Pump
• Bi-Directional Outputs to Simulate Natural Wave and Current Actionsof the Ocean
• Variable Time and Output Settings
• Flow Rates Up to 5500GPH/22000LPH. (On Selected Models)
• Single or Dual Outputs
• Preset Feeding Settings at 8 min. and 16 min.
• Magnet Mount Included to Secure Pump
• Pre-Programmed in All Settings to Gradually Increase Flow
• In “Auto” Mode, Pump Initially Alternates 15 sec. Left and Right
• The Alternating Water Currents Can Be Set to Switch Every 15 sec. to 30 min.
• Mini Sun Moon Light Adapter Included
• 16 Volt UL Listed Transformer Included

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 Propeller Pump

Posted on Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

“Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10 from EcoTech Marine is a small yet powerful pump. The MP10 – ideal for tanks from 2.5 to 50 gallons tanks – creates gentle flows of 200 to 1,575 gallons per hour, helping the tanks feel more like the ocean. The MP10 shares the same award-winning technology as the MP40w and lets you take full control of the flow. With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market.”


Operational Modes

Feed Mode – Slows down your pump for 10 minutes to allow you to feed your aquarium.

Constant Speed Mode – The pump runs at a constant speed you set based on your aquarium’s specific needs.

Reef Crest Mode – Automatically simulates the high-energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment.

Lagoon Mode – Automatically simulates a calmer, lagoon reef environment.

Short Pulse Mode – Allows for wave pulse timings between 0.3 and two seconds, enabling the creation of FAST alternating flow throughout the tank.

Long Pulse Mode – Allows for wave pulse timings of between two seconds and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank.

Night Mode – Enables the pump to operate for 14 hours in whichever mode is selected for the day and go back to Night Mode for 10 hours.

Pump Disconnect – Automatically shuts down the system if the wet and dry sides become separated.


Flow: 200 to 1575 gph
Wattage: 8 to 18 watts
Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8″
Appropriate Tank Size Range: 2.5 to 50 gal
Dimensions: Wet Side- 2.5″ diameter by 1.5″ long, Dry Side – 2.5″ diameter by 2″ long
Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 2.25″

MP10 DatasheetPDF

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