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New CAD Lights Bio Reactor – Video

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 at 3:52 pm

After 6 months of research and design CAD Light has pulled the trigger on their newest bio reactor.


  • True All-In-One design, where the pump is already built inside of the Bio reactor in the bottom chamber. this feature saves ALOT more space
    and ease of use the moment you get it. the intake is in the bottom and the outtake is from the top allows for the most efficient flow of only 1 direction.
  • Advanced Conic design, makes our Unique “Rhythmic Tumbling Motion” that moves every pellet evenly and prevents clumping. every pellet
    churns and moves throughout the entire reactor (from top to bottom). Greg Carroll (SCMAS) summed it up best when he saw the demo here…”Wow
    this things moving like Magic”
  • Self-priming and designed to be ready to use right out of the box and comes with all the pump, fittings, plumbing, union etc. all comes
  • Space saving design and energy efficient. no need for an external pump that will take up more space and wasted pump pressure.
  • 100% Cell-Cast acrylic and Hand MADE IN USA.
  • Completely disassembles easily for maintenance.
  • Compatible with a large variety of Bio-pellets.

Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 14″ (including all plumbing)
Energy useage: 11.5W
Speed: 240 GPH
Capacity: 40G to 150G
Price: $175

Here is a video of this CAD Lights Bio Reactor in action:

Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 6:47 pm

Two Little Fishies (TLF) has released their new PhosBan Reactor 550, a larger version of the hugely popular PhosBan 150 model. TLF rates the 550 model as being able to accommodate up to a 600 gallon system. Up to 750 grams of PhosBan media can fit in the media chamber at one time, as long as you do not exceed the 8 inch height restriction. Similarly to their 150 model, a pump is not included, but any pump with 1/2 inch fittings can operate this model. The 550 employs the same upflow principle, which most efficiently uses PhosBan or filter media of your choice. The Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550 can be installed in-line, in-sump, or as a hang on back (HOB) using the provided attachment.

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