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An Automatic Top Off (ATO) system adds freshwater to your reef tank automatically as existing tank water evaporates. There are two major benefits for adding an ATO to your reef tank. First, an auto top off system will maintain a stable salinity as it constantly adds water in equal amounts to the evaporation rate. The second factor is convenience. Since fresh water has to be added to every reef tank, the only other real option is for the hobbyist to manually add water. The convenience of being able to simply fill the ATO reservoir when needed, is well worth the expense.

Float Switch Kit by Digital Aquatics

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 at 2:38 pm

The DA Float switch kits comes with everything you need to hook up a float switch to your ReefKeeper Elite or ReefKeeper Lite system! The basic kit is perfect for custom applications, while our kits w/brackets include everything you’ll need to set up any number of safety floats! Add the safety of a float switch to your system today!

The Digital Aquatics kits come with and installation guide and programming instructions which make it easy to set up. Optional mounting brackets should make installation in most sumps a breeze. Durable, reef-safe plastic and acrylic components should ensure long-term dependable operation.

A few suggested implementations for these float switches are: Auto Top Off (ATO) systems, automated water changes, low water level, high water level, and full skimmer cup alerts.

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