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Ecoxotic Stunner LED Strips – 5 New Colors

Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 9:54 am by
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Ecoxotic just keeps it coming. A few days ago, the company dedicated to “endangering the status quo” came out with 5 outstanding new color spectrums of Stunner LED strips. The extremely versatile line of Stunner LED strips is now available in:

452nm Actinic Blue
8000K White/453nm Blue
8000K White
403nm UV
12000K White/Magenta
445nm Royal Blue
445nm Royal Blue/12000K White
453nm Blue/Magenta

From Ecoxotic: “Our customers love the versatility, linkable design and instant shimmer & coloring effects,” said Dennis Fredricks, president of Ecoxotic. “It’s all about having fun and with five new color spectrums, we’ve made the one minute LED upgrade an even better lighting solution for aquarists at all levels.”

The completely water-resistant, low voltage Stunner LED Strips, consume only 6 watts of power. Hobbyists are now able to very easily achieve their desired color spectrum by mixing and matching up to 10 6-watt Stunner LED Strips on each 60 watt driver. That’s absolutely beautiful. Similarly to T5 bulbs, you can now make slight adjustments by simply replacing one strip, until you are completely happy with the results. UNLIKE T5 bulbs, you will not need to replace these every 6-12 months.

We are very excited to see more and more applications using these versatile and modular LED strips. Check them out on the Ecoxotic website.

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