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I’m sure you are seeing the buzz around the Web about a new flatworm product that is claiming to kill acro eating flatworms. It was created by ZeoVit and is being marketed under the name FlatwormStop. I read about this product a couple of months back but it hasn’t been available in the United States, […]

Tank Size 130cm x 90cm x 60cm (L W H) Sump Size 96cm x 53cm x 47cm (water level 29cm) Total Net water volume 800L Lighting : 5 x Ecoxotic Cannon (3 x white 2 x blue) + 2 x PAR38 Royal Blue Wave making : 3 x Vortech MP40ES + 2 x Vertex Mocean […]

Here’s another video in the Krzysztof series. This absolutely incredible tank uses zeovit and NP Reducing Biopellets. Flow is provided by 2 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105, two Iwaki MD 55, Red Dragon 8000 l/h as a main pump. Calcium and alkalinity are maintained by dosing two-part using a Grotech Tec III. The tank is about […]

ZEOvit has just released the latest in their Dream Tank of the Quarter Series. Emmanuel Pourol (loripes) has been chosen to display his beautiful system. This 2 in 1 system includes a 190 gallon and a 90 gallon display tanks. Together with a 71 gallon sump, the system totals at approx 350 gallons. 8 54W T5’s light […]

This beautiful 750 litter (198 gallon) reef tank is the pride of Poland resident Krzysztof Tryc (lunar). Here is some information about the system: Display: (approximately) 750 liters (198 US gallons); 160 x 80 x 55 Sump: 286 liters (~75,6 gallons); 110 x 50 x 52 System filtration: Reactor with NP reducing BioPellets and Korallenzucht […]

ZeoVit has released the Fourth Dream Tank of the Quarter for 2010. This amazing 275 gallon reef tank owned by Lionel Mahler is absolutely stunning. This beautiful reef tank uses T5s with a 10 hour photoperiod. We have added some of the info below, as well as a link to the complete thread. AQUARIUM DATA […]

ZEOvit has just released the latest in their Dream Tank of the Quarter Series. Yoon Yeo Kwang’s 106 gallon tank displays beautiful colors, and diversity. Check out the tank details and info below. AQUARIUM DATA AQ. Information: Dimensions(1000*700*570) – Display Tank Dimensions sump(700*600*450) – Sump Volume 106 US gallons Lighting: Radum250*2+T5 24W*2 profile – SEE […]

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