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Here is a week 10 video of the famous Rimless Reef 2. The72″x36″x22″ Rimless tank was built by Miracles Aquariums in Ontario Canada. The 246 gallon reef tank, has starphire on 2 sides, and utilizes external coast to coast overflow on the right side with 2 1.5″ drains, and a 1″ return. A Vortech MP40W […]

Matt and Carol have created an absolutely stunning 75 gallon mixed reef tank. This video was shot under Actinic lighting and displays the amazing colors and diversity of this aquarium. This aquarium was about a year old in this video, and every piece of SPS coral was grown from 1″ frags. Here are the aquarium […]

With the VorTech MP10, EcoTech Marine has raised the bar once again. Employing EcoTech Marine’s patented VorTech technology, the MP10 produces up to 1,575 gallons per hour of broad yet gentle flow. Similarly to the popular MP40W and MP20, this model places the motor outside of the tank, eliminating heat transfer, any possibility of stray […]

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