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We recently took a closer look at the Aqua Illumination Modular LED System, and are excited to report our results. This LED reef lighting system is comprised of individual units, measuring 11.875″ x 5.375″ x 2.35″, and weighing 4.125 lbs each. Each unit contains 8 triple lenses, 2 whites, and 1 blue, for a total […]

EcoTech Marine is raffling off a Vortech MP10 Propeller Pump. Please visit for more information about the Vortech MP10 as well as their complete line of products. This month, there is a twist. Once you have completed your profile (photo and tank information), you may start inviting users (click Invite from main menu, once […]

EcoTech Marine wants your videos of the VorTech in action. Simply send in a short video and you will be entered into their VorTech Video Contest and have a chance to win an MP10. The video must be under three minutes, and must show the VorTech in your aquarium. You can upload the video to […]

With the VorTech MP10, EcoTech Marine has raised the bar once again. Employing EcoTech Marine’s patented VorTech technology, the MP10 produces up to 1,575 gallons per hour of broad yet gentle flow. Similarly to the popular MP40W and MP20, this model places the motor outside of the tank, eliminating heat transfer, any possibility of stray […]

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