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Premium Aquatics: 14K 250watt HQI Double End Halide Bulb – Phoenix.┬áRegular price $64.99, now only $55.99! Salty Critter:20% OFF all ZeoVit additives. HelloLights: 24 Inch Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lamp High Output Fixture.┬áRegular price $205.95, now only $172.95! Marine Depot: Orphek PR-25 (12 LEDs) Dimmable LED Pendants. Save $40. That Pet Place: FREE SHIPPING on […]

Premium Aquatics: Visi-Therm 25 watt Heater regular price $17.99, now only $10.99! Salty Critter: Tunze Master DOC 9460 Skimmer, regular price $1824.51, now only $1139.00! HelloLights: $20 OFF!!! Hellolights 2 bulb T5 Retrofit kits (Available in 24″, 36″, and 48″ Lengths) Marine Depot: 20% OFF JBJ Automatic Top Off (A.T.O.) System Water Level Controller. Regular […]

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