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After 6 months of research and design CAD Light has pulled the trigger on their newest bio reactor. Features: True All-In-One design, where the pump is already built inside of the Bio reactor in the bottom chamber. this feature saves ALOT more space and ease of use the moment you get it. the intake is […]

We wanted to share a couple of videos of the Reef Dynamics INS 100 at work. The first shows the skimmer the day after the user installed it, and the second shows it working after several months. Jeff Macare, owner of Reef Dynamics did instruct the user to lower the bubble level in the neck […]

Many hobbyists invest in the large, elaborate, extensive systems we are used to seeing on the web. Well, every wanted something unique, small, low maintenance, and is absolutely bitchin’? Well, the Ecoxotic EcoPico desktop aquarium may be just what you’re looking for. The EcoPico is an elegant, rimless glass cube, with no bulky filter, no […]

The Houston Rockets’ center Yao Ming joined forced with WildAid, a conservation group, to help protect shark populations around the world. This Public Service Announcement (PSA), graphical illustrates the cruel fate these sharks suffer. Each year, more than 70 million sharks are used for shark fin soup. In most cases, the sharks are caught, finned, […]

Exotic Fish, is a fantastic short film by Sean Conaty of Scion A/V. The film documents the industry, and the hobbyists “addicted” to reefkeeping and saltwater aquariums. Several people in this video “explain” why they are drawn to the hobby, and what keeps them coming for more. I’m sure you’ve been asked “what’s the big […]

A few weeks ago we featured a video of David Saxby’s Reef Aquarium. We just came across a High Definition video from may of 09 showing the current state of the tank. This amazing reef tank was stripped down in August of 08 and then put back together with more emphasis on SPS and many […]

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