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We wanted to share TheBlackReef’s video of a 90 Gallon reef tank which has been running two Ecoxotic Panorama LEDs for over a year. TheBlackReef is reporting that the corals are doing great, and that the color from the unit is incredible. In addition to the impressive color and intensity, TheBlackReef is now using a […]

This beautiful 750 litter (198 gallon) reef tank is the pride of Poland resident Krzysztof Tryc (lunar). Here is some information about the system: Display: (approximately) 750 liters (198 US gallons); 160 x 80 x 55 Sump: 286 liters (~75,6 gallons); 110 x 50 x 52 System filtration: Reactor with NP reducing BioPellets and Korallenzucht […]

A few months ago, we introduced the Hellolights 48″ 4 Lamp VHO T5 Retrofit Kit. Well, we have been using this kit for a while now, and wanted to report that we are impressed with what this affordable kit provides.  At only $199.95, individual reflectors, a VHO ballast which overdrives T5’s by 15%, moisture resistant German end-caps, […]

The 28G Nano Cube LED model is the latest release by JBJ. Part of the popular Nano Cube Series, the 28g Nano Cube LED employs a high intensity LED illumination system which delivers both the power of Metal Halides and the coverage of T5 lighting. The distinct advantages of the LED model is 10x the […]

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