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What do you think when you hear “Algae Scrubber”? If you would have asked me a about 6 months ago I would have said some antiquated way people used to filter their tanks that turned their tanks piss yellow. One day after I was reading around I stumbled across, I started reading and reading, […]

Here’s a great video of a 250 gallon reef system comprised of a 150 gallon display tank, a 50 gallon refugium, and a 50 gallon sump. This system is the result of an upgraded from a previous 75 gallons reef tank. The 50 gallon refugium is home to a beautiful mantis shrimp. Located at the […]

A few months ago we posted a video of this beautiful reef tank. We were just informed that a new, updated video has just been released. This is a 55 gallon AGA SPS dominated reef tank, with a few LPS and rare zoas. The owner of this reef tank states “A lot of new stuff […]

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