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Skimz has released their new protein skimmer, the Leopard. A very exciting feature, unique to the Leopard protein skimmer, is the Integrated Inverted Cone (IIC). This new feature is intended to channel bubbles to the outer ring of the reaction chamber. The idea here is to reduce turbulence within the reaction chamber, and therefore achieve […]

For a while now we’ve been writing about the various Skimz products. Well, as of today, March 14, 2011 Skimz Marine is offering Skimz products to the US market. You can check out the E-series protein skimmers, E-Series Calcium Reactors, Zeolith reactors, iBox Nano tanks, to the OM 2500 Overflow Box. Tons of cool products […]

The commercial sized recirculating Skimz TurbMagnum ST600 is designed for nano tank up to 20 gallons. Ok fine, it’s designed for commercial farms, large public aquariums and other large aquatic setups. The newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impleller (HNI) increases the air intake, and makes this skimmer extremely efficient. This large protein skimmer uses a bubble […]

We revealed the release of the New SKIMZ Monzter E Series protein skimmers back in may, where now we bring you some visuals. The SKIMZ Monzter E Series is the result of the integration of cylindrical and cone shaped skimmer chambers. This new design, SKIMZ believes, successfully minimized pre-mature bubble bursting and surface agitation. This […]

Skimz was in full effect at this year’s Interzoo showcasing their latest products. Skimz, displayed their latest product lines of sexy skimmers, efficient pumps, nano tanks, and more. Visitors at Interzoo 2010 got to see some of the Skimz skimmers at work, and experience first hand the outstanding performance and quiet operation. These skimmers look […]

Earlier this week, we told you about the upcoming Skimz Monzter II. While we wait, we wanted to show you what else Skimz has been up to. The Skimz TurboMagnum has been installed at a shrimp farm in Singapore. This giant skimmer is 600mm diameter (23.6″) and 2.5 meters (over 8′) tall!! The Skimz TurboMagnum […]

SKIMZ Aquatics, is a Singapore-based company dedicated to building advanced marine equipment for both professionals and hobbyists. Founded in 2000, SKIMZ has developed protein skimmers, reactors, overflow boxes, pumps, media, additives, lighting, testing equipment and more. SKIMZ Aquatics’ current line of Monzter Skimmers currently includes the Skimz Monzter SM110, SM150, SM180 and SM200, SM250 and […]

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