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50 or more sharks were sighted feeding on a large pod of baitfish by a Surf Life Saving helicopter off of Yanchep in Perth’s north located on the south western corner of Australia. The sharks were believed to be mostly blacktip whaler sharks with a few other species mixed in as well as a handful […]

A video was posted on YouTube last week showing an uncountable number of sharks migrating along the coast of Florida. The video was shot from a helicopter reportedly behind the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

RIPFIN is a brilliant short film. I believe Joe found and document the star of Jaws. The film is subtitled “Battle Scars” and there is no question how he conceived the titles. Filmed mostly in black and white only using color for emphases on the details of this remarkably battle scared great white. The sound […]

Photos by Agsftw As shark populations around the world decline, conservationist are concerned that Asian chefs may look for Manta and Devil Rays as replacement for the popular shark fin soup. Since rays swim slowly and near the surface, they make for easy targets to the fishermen that hunt them using harpoons. At this point, […]

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