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A study conducted y the Australian Institute of Marine Science, concluded that sharks are worth far more alive then when sold for finning. Now, given, shark finning is just awful, and we are not suggesting that THIS be the reason to stop it. You don’t need any other reason, just don’t do it. Anyways, sharks […]

The Houston Rockets’ center Yao Ming joined forced with WildAid, a conservation group, to help protect shark populations around the world. This Public Service Announcement (PSA), graphical illustrates the cruel fate these sharks suffer. Each year, more than 70 million sharks are used for shark fin soup. In most cases, the sharks are caught, finned, […]

The long awaited Shark Conservation Act has finally become a law. President Obama signed the act which created tighter regulations on the loopholes that allowed “non-fishing” vessels to still capture and “fin” sharks. The practice of finning involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and throwing them back in the ocean to slowly die. The […]

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