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Pot-bellied seahorses have been successfully breeding at the NY Aquarium further strengthens the endangered species. This species of seahorses have a long history in traditional medicines which coupled with the pet industry has led it to near extinction. Currently the sales of the pot-bellied seahorse are prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered […]

LiveAquaria has added a real gem to their Diver’s Den section. This Aussie Spiny Seahorse Female, Hippocampus angustus, is very hard to find in the US. In their usual fashion, the crew at LiveAquaria has quarantine this seahorse for over a month, and have trained it to eat HUFA enriched live adult brine shrimp, frozen […]

What has the head of a horse, tail like a monkey, eyes that move independently of each other, and can change it’s skin color? You got it, a seahorse. These enchanting creatures are fighting for survival, as the traditional Chinese Medicine market continues to go unchecked. Seahorse Sleuths, local scientists who are currently working to […]

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