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Seachem, who just brought us Reef Phytoplankton and Reef Zooplankton, is now hiring! The company has been constantly growing, and is now looking for some new employees to facilitate and support it’s increasing market. Here are the current positions with their descriptions: Sales Manager Midwest /Central US region Seachem is currently looking to fill a […]

Marine Aquarium Expo will be held at the Seattle Center’s Exhibit Hall on July 23-24, 2011. Organizers expect attendance from hobbyists and businesses from the entire nowrthwest. The Seattle Center is a cultural park that hosts the site of the famous Space Needle, International Fountain, performances by internationally acclaimed theater, ballet, and opera companies. Seattleā€™s […]

Reef Complete, by Seachem, is a concentrated blend of ionic calcium intended to restore or maintain calcium levels at natural seawater levels. Rather than just calcium chloride, is specifically blended to a higher pH, which forces the ammonia found in commercially available calcium chloride to “gas off into the atmosphere”. Reef Complete by Seachem also […]

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