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This summer, CoralVue will be releasing a 4 stage 100 GPD controllable product-to-waste water ratio RO/DI unit. This sleek RO/DI unit is currently being tested by CoralVue for safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. This RO/DI unit comes with a system controller, and a digital TDS monitor which shows your the TDS of the […]

Premium Aquatics: 20% OFF Lumen Bright Reflector – Mini! Salty Critter:ATB BioPellets 500ml $27.99. HelloLights: 24 Inch Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lamp High Output Fixture.┬áRegular price $205.95, now only $172.95! Marine Depot: Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer. Regular price $49.99, $37.49 That Pet Place: Reef Care Calcium Pro High Accuracy Titration Test Kit – 75 tests. […]

Premium Aquatics: ATI 24″ 4x24W Dimmable Powermodule.┬áRegular price $489.99, now only $419.99! Salty Critter:Octopus Extreme 250 Skimmer 2 Free ATB Large Pinwheels included. Regular $479, now only $374.99. HelloLights: 2x 96W ARO Compact Fluorescent Ballast Kit Square Pin.┬áRegular price $119.95, now only $89.95! Marine Depot: 20% OFF Two Little Fishies Phosban Phosphate Removal Media. That […]

I hear complaints from many hobbyist (who maintain their own aquariums) that they were told by their LFS that all they have to do is set the system up and do x amount of water changes and their aquarium will thrive with minimal problems arising. The customer says OK, that’s easy enough! They get the […]

Check out this magnificent reef tank. Full of movement and color, this spectacular coral reef makes me green with envy. Take a look at the complete system and take note of the use of a refugium, protein skimmer and canister filter. Started in february 2008, 6 ft, 130g display, 70g sump, 3x MH 400W 20 […]

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