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Ferrion by Brightwell Aquatics is a concentrated Iron supplement intended to improve the nutrient export ability of macroalgae such as Caulerpa spp., and Chaetomorpha spp. Brightwell Aquatics claims that without actively dosing Iron, it is likely that your macroalgae is not reaching it’s full nutrient uptake potential. Appropriate Iron levels can be reached by daily […]

A few months ago we posted a video of this beautiful reef tank. We were just informed that a new, updated video has just been released. This is a 55 gallon AGA SPS dominated reef tank, with a few LPS and rare zoas. The owner of this reef tank states “A lot of new stuff […]

The 28G Nano Cube LED model is the latest release by JBJ. Part of the popular Nano Cube Series, the 28g Nano Cube LED employs a high intensity LED illumination system which delivers both the power of Metal Halides and the coverage of T5 lighting. The distinct advantages of the LED model is 10x the […]

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