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Seachem, who just brought us Reef Phytoplankton and Reef Zooplankton, is now hiring! The company has been constantly growing, and is now looking for some new employees to facilitate and support it’s increasing market. Here are the current positions with their descriptions: Sales Manager Midwest /Central US region Seachem is currently looking to fill a […]

Remember back in march when we told you that Reef Phytoplankton and Reef Zooplankton added to Seachem Reef Line? Well, the company announced yesterday, that both products are shipping out. The concentrated blends of green and brown marine phytoplankton (Reef Phytoplankton) and marine zooplankton (Reef Zooplankton) where designed to provide essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins […]

Seachem manufacturers of Prime, Stability, Matrix, Purigen, Reef Salt, Reef Buffer, Reef Complete, and Reef Plus, has added Reef Phyto Plankton and Reef Zoo Plankton to their Reef line. Reef Zooplankton provides essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, with biological carotenoids for coral growth. Reef Zooplankton has a particle size range of 12.5-500 um, […]

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